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The 1903 proof is the easiest date throughout the whole series. The 1905 proofs are the most difficult.

1905 is the key date for the proofs in all denominations. Even though there are only 13 more proofs minted in 1906 and 1908, 500 vs. 487, through almost a decade of collecting these coins , it's always been harder collecting the 1905's than any other date, and still even harder to find in PQ. I don't know why but that's how it is.

In 1908, the size of the silver proofs were reduced. Since 1908 was the last year of issue for the US Philippine proofs, the size reduction created an interesting one-year type coin. Total mintage is only 500, which makes it one of the scarcest years. And the added demand from type collectors has set a premium on their value.

Unlike the business strikes, these coins come very well struck and while I would not say they are easy to find in gem condition, a devoted collector will be able to put together a very attractive collection in choice unc, or even in gem unc. Neither of which is possible with the business strikes.

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