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Unlike the 10 centavo business strikes, these proof 10 centavo all enjoy strong, clear strikes. The hair on Lady Liberty is almost always well defined. Full rounding on her breast and mound of Venus.

On the reverse, the eagle feathers are complete on the chest and out to the wing-tips. The stars on the shield are all clearly delineated.

These are nice coins to look at. If you like toners, you should be able to complete a set of lovely gem toners for under 10K. The 1904 seems to come especially attractively toned.

The 1903 10 centavo is the easiest and cheapest. The other dates are much harder and more expensive.

The 1908 10 centavo has the same mintage as the 1906 10 centavo, but expect to pay significantly more for the coin. The reason why: the size and silver content of the 10 centavos were reduced that year, so it's a one-year type coin. So instead of just date collectors going after it, you have type-set collectors lusting after it too. So the supply is the same but the demand is greater, and that means considerably higher prices than the 1906.

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